Preparing For Viewings

We Recommend

Before prospective buyers arrive to view your property, we recommend you think about:

First impressions

A clean front door and litter-free entrance gives an excellent first impression. Communal areas should be cleared.


Clean windows and open curtains to maximise natural light. In winter months, good lighting is equally important — consider using lamps for extra warmth and charm. If the property is empty, ensure the mains power is on and light bulbs are working.


Cleaning is essential. It doesn’t take long for dust and dirt to gather, which could easily put off potential buyers.

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Appropriate temperature for the season helps prospective buyers imagine themselves in the home. Open windows in the summer, and use a working fireplace or regular bursts of central heating in the winter.


Gardens, front and back, should be kept tidy and attractive, with well-mown lawns, hedges cut and colour emphasised where possible


Ensure all parking areas are weed free, and cars are parked neatly on off street parking areas.


Fixed plug in air fresheners are a must to any home, especially those with dogs.

Freshly ground coffee is always a welcoming smell!